HP TouchSmart TM2-2050us Touch-screen Laptop Review

Touch-screens are everywhere these days. From smart phones to computers, the use of touch-screens has become part of the way we communicate and get things done. With the use of a highly receptive touch-screen at its core, the HP TouchSmart tm2-2050us is a portable notebook with that sits on the cutting edge.

Even better, though, this HP TouchSmart model has a screen that twists 180 degrees for ease of use no matter where you are. As portable as it is useful, this model is a tremendously handy notebook PC for the whole family.

With a 1.20 GHz Intel Core i3-330UM processor and 4 GB of RAM, this laptop model will effortlessly handle your work materials while saving room and speed for editing photos or putting together presentations. The boosted memory is especially helpful for running multiple programs.

The 640 GB hard drive is protected by HP’s ProtectSmart hard drive protection, so you can rest assured that all of your essential files and programs will be kept locked up tight. You can even store over 80,000 photos without breaking a sweat, making the tm2-2050us and excellent choice.

The tm2-2050us also comes with a fingerprint reader that makes saving and protecting passwords that much easier. Instead of relying on out-dated encryption techniques and unsafe password practices, this HP TouchSmart manages your passwords with the fingerprint reader. The extra touch of security is par for the course, but the innovation is even better.

Along with all of the hardware, the tm2-2050us comes with a great set of HP exclusive multimedia suite. This all add additional dimensions to the HP TouchSmart tm2-2050us, while HP’s very own SimplePass identity protection program adds an extra layer of security to the already vault-like notebook.

All in all, the tm2-2050us is a dazzling piece of work from HP. It’s a highly portable and incredibly secure notebook, combining power and safety in one solid package. And let’s not forget about that awesome touch-screen.

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The Nokia N8 Features An Advanced Touchscreen And A Reliable Processor

The new Nokia N8 is the first Symbian^3 Smartphone that has been released worldwide with so much emphasis placed on its imaging capabilities. It comes with 12 megapixel sensors, Carl Zeiss optics and a Xenon flash all of which help to take really amazing photos. As well as its top notch camera, why else is the Nokia N8 an appealing smartphone?

The Nokia N8 is great to hold. Its made from anodized aluminium and comes in range vibrant colours. Also the chrome accents surrounding the camera lens, the camera button and volume controls are a nice touch. The buttons feel solid and well made. The hardware design as to be expected is simply top-notch with an excellent level of build quality. The screen is damage and scratch resistant, as it is made of gorilla glass.

It may not be the worlds thinnest phone, but will slip comfortably into a pocket. The size is 113.5 x 59 x 12.9 mm and weighs in at a surprisingly pocket friendly 135g.

The Nokia N8 is a photographers dream phone. It produces awesome images and its quick to share captured images. The Nokia N series cameras have always been ahead of the competitors, however the Nokia N8 simply shines. It comes packed with the largest sensor ever to be put into a mobile phone for an incredible detail with a Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash. It comes with an imaging software package which enables it produce really natural looking photos.

It runs on the Symbian^3 OS (operating system which is the OS on all the new devices being produced by Nokia lately i.e. C7, E7 and C6 01. If you have used a Nokia phone before possibly one that has the Symbian^1 you will notice a lot of advanced features such as multiple home screens, music cover flow, visual multitasking and multi touch pinch-to-zoom. The menu structures are even more streamlined and the UI (user interface) moves at 60 frames per second. The graphics processor enables the lists to scroll quickly and fluidly on the music player, messaging, contacts and conversations.

The Nokia N8 comes with a BL-4D 1200 mAh battery just like the Nokia N97 mini. It can be charged through the microUSB interface or the 2mm charging connector found at the bottom of the phone. The battery life is very good, it lasts a little more than a whole day under normal usage. Similar usage on a many other smartphone models would drain the battery by the late afternoon.

In Summary.
Indeed its a beautiful looking device that everyone would love, especially the photographers because of the camera quality. Also if you love Symbian phones you will no doubt enjoy this phone because it has the best Symbian software version to date. Its very user friendly and great to handle and operate. Compared to the competitors it stand miles ahead as its packed with fantastic features.

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Iphone App Marketing Strategy

In rule to be a undefeated iPhone app developer, you bonk to form a zealous app and then marketplace that enthusiastic app. That is such easier said than done.
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Textfree, Doodle Chum, and i2i to kinfolk a few of my favorites.

Every day I’m marketing iPhone apps. It’s shrewd activity, but very very rewardful when your apps signaling to follow.

In this eBook I portion what I’ve learned.

My end with this product is to better you both larn to guess near, but more importantly how to do iPhone app marketing.

The eBook is prefabricated up of 50 pages and these 3 sections:

* How to Neaten a Major App
* How to Marketplace that High App
* Additional Resources

Top 5 reasons you should get this eBook:

1. You’ll be precondition intuition into what makes a uppercase app.
2. It leave spring you a utmost point statement of iPhone app marketing.
3. It’s afloat of unimaginative ideas of ways to market your app (paying & people).
4. Each chapter has tips, mortal practices, and prep (practical close steps)!
5. Finally, I end it with more key resources (equal where I go to learn many or how to set up an Admob effort).

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In prescribe to be a palmy iPhone app developer, you get to egest a zealous app and then market that enthusiastic app. That is overmuch easier said than done.

Textfree, Doodle Crony, and i2i to establish a few of my favorites.

Every day I’m marketing iPhone apps. It’s granitelike play, but real very rewardful when your apps act to win.

In this eBook I deal what I’ve scholarly.

My end with this assemblage is to forbear you both inform to cogitate roughly, but statesman importantly how to do iPhone app marketing.

Top 5 reasons you should get this eBook:

1. You’ll be supposition brainstorm into what makes a extraordinary app.
2. It give spring you a countertenor construction module of iPhone app marketing.
3. It’s glutted of unimaginative ideas of slipway to mart your app (cashed & liberated).
4. Apiece chapter has tips, incomparable practices, and schoolwork (achievable next steps)!
5. Eventually, I end it with added key resources (same where I go to hear much or how to set up an Admob drive).

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Several Best IPhone Applications

Inasmuch as you comprehend the benefits of an iPhone, you should also equip yourself with some application knowledge of the iPhone. It is capable of running some eight hundred tags on applications and developers from all around the world. The top iPhone applications probably provide you the ability of your phone to perform several tasks such as scanning medical data, comparing holiday destinations, using it as a GPS, listening to your favorite songs and reading the daily newspaper. The iPhone applications are specially designed to execute technology such as AJAX to improve the versatility of the phone. Among the many best iPhone applications are the Save Benjis. This is great for those who desire the best bargains. This application aids users to evaluate prices of products for more than fifteen million products from thousands of stores spread worldwide. There are also reviews from customers about the product for you to consider before deciding the purchase. Another application that is listed as the top iPhone applications is the Wheels on the Bus. This is an educational application where it is basically a playing book to amuse young children. This unique application has been proven to a brilliant educational gizmo that stores plenty of foreign languages, recording system and musical instruments. The multiple colors are awesome, dazzling and the alluring graphics can never get the eyes of children out of their minds. Then there is the Pandora application, named to be one of the best iPhone applications. This is the software that allows users to personalize radio stations on their devices. Apple iPhone users can list down their favorite artists or songs, locate the blueprint in these favorites then generate the personalized radio stations accordingly. For instance, users can customize one channel for the 60’s rock music, another for classical music and one for contemporary fusion music. The availability of iPhone development kit further enhances users to obtain more applications in the future. Users need not be worried about not getting applications that suit their style as they can also hire developers to design for them.


Lifeware Solutions offers an iPhone Application to explore moon phases: touch-n-turn the moon to change the date and enjoy precise moon phases for your location, browse moon phase calendar or switch to zodiac calendar view. Visit Lifeware Solutions to get a version for your Android, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 phones.

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Tablet Computers Different Brand Comparison

I have wanted to buy a tablet PC long before and all of a sudden I’m horribly confused by the choice available to me of bespoke operating systems and new ways of working. There are just so many tablets to choose from these days that deciding which one you really want to own can be as much of a guessing game as an informed decision. And I made some research and comparisons.

Ive considered the Android first, but it operating system still insists on treating your workspace as a desktop, and it just runs in the same way as the windows does to the icons and whatnot. It is obviously a device thats only to be used for specific tasks and just like having a PC or a notebook.

I would like choose the ExoPC Slate (seen above) which runs Windows 7 with a bespoke skin on the top. It does run Windows, and thus in my roles as a Windows blogger and Microsoft Press author it could be very handy to have a Windows-based device for when the beta of Windows vNext (or Windows 8, whatever it turns out to be called) appears a year from now. Only the fact that the Windows desktop which is precisely what Ive decided not to go with an Android device for, which would occasionally drop me down.
Then HP jumped in which makes my decision more difficult. HP’s acquisition of Palm and the announcement of a WebOS tablet makes its operating system is much better suited to my needs. However, HP have been going on about this device for almost a year now and theres still no idea of when, or even if, well actually be able to buy one.

It is said the Windows 7 tablet PC is good, however, according to my research; the windows 7’s touch interface sucks. It’s slow to register taps, most of the menus are unclickable and even though you have access to hundreds of thousands of apps, most of them won’t work the way they’re supposed to. If only Microsoft would release a tablet version of their new Windows Phone 7 OS Id be set. This may be in the pipeline but well have to wait for some time to come yet.

The only tablet left to consider now is the apple iPad. I’ve had the chance to try out the galaxy tab, and while I love how light it is, Google is right. Android still isn’t ready for tablets. Only Im generally opposed to Apples policy of forcing you to use the awful iTunes software to do all you’re synching. The iPad, has an interface built from the ground up to work with touch. It’s been in the market for quite a few months and has its own market. Plus, with 4.2, which I’ve been testing, you also get multitasking, which works great. Most importantly, you can find a grand market of Apple accessories for supporting Apple products.

So yeah, there still aren’t any worthy alternatives, maybe I can only choose the iPad, specially now that it folders and multitasking with the beta. Otherwise, I’d wait till 2011. Rim’s playbook looks great, android 3.0 is allegedly supporting tablets, and HP could come up with a WebOs tablet, miles better than the slate they have planned. Then again, we could even see windows phone 7 tablets.

David has been writing for over ten years on a broad range of topics. He has a background that includes such diverse areas as environmentalism, cooking, animal care, and technology. Now he works as an editor for a famous wholesale company.

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