Trading Computers Guide: How to Compare Trading Computers

Hello My Name is Eddie Z, I’ve been trading the stock market and other financial markets for over 20 years. Additionally I have been building, testing and configuring trading computers, stock trading computers and multi monitor trading computers since the first day I need real time data. As a full time electronic markets trader and computer nerd, I offer traders a unique perspective into trading computers.


A question I get asked all the time is: How do I compare trading computers? It’s a very good question. There are a lot of trading computer companies out trying to sell you hardware that you may or, in many cases, may not need. Many websites that focus on trading computers, stock trading computers and multi monitor trading computers give you so many options that it is very easy to get confused.


The main factors in evaluating trading computers are: Processing Power, Quality of the Components, Technical Support and Warranty Provided and of course Price. Let’s look at each.


Processing Power:When it comes to multi monitor trading computers, traders should never ever skimp on processing power. Generally, Traders should obtain the highest level of processing power that they can afford. In addition to considering the power of the processor itself, important consideration must be given to the motherboard chipset used and thetype of the hard drives used. Be wary of builders of trading computers that do not disclose motherboard manufacturer or chipsets used. They are most probably using questionable quality, inexpensive boards in an effort to make more money.


Quality of Components:Traders need to be aware of the various components that go into trading computers and stock trading computers.It is even more important to understand know which brand names are the best, have the best manufacturers warranties and which ones have the least possibility of failure.


Technical Support & Warranty:Most computer builders and manufacturers these days only provide 1 Year of technical support. Usually, as most of us already know, that tech support is handled by an overseas outsourced company and communication is notoriously difficult. Ideally, tech support should be US based and have a complete understanding of your trading computer configuration and how trading software functions on a trading computer. When it comes to the warranty, most trading computer companies provide 1 Year. Generally speaking, most make you pay for additional years of warranty. As a trader, you should be careful when dealing with a company that doesn’t back its machines or charges you extra for service that should come with the trading computer.


Price:Price is always an important factor when considering a major purchase. The absolute lowest available price should not be only criteria for purchase.


In conclusion, you must do your research before spending thousands of dollars on trading computers, stock trading computers or multi monitor trading computers. All of the above factors must be weighed equally to determine what trading computer is the best value. If you are a trader, it’s of the utmost importance that you know what components go in to your machine so that you don’t get ripped off due to lack of know-how. There are trading computer companies out there that are willing to rip off traders who don’t do their research!

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Samsung Introduces the High Specification Galaxy S

Samsung have launched their first major assault on the ultra competitive smartphone market with the launch of their high specification Galaxy S model. And first impressions of the handset, with the extra large display and excellent speed on offer sure to win many new fans.

Samsung make very clever use of Super AMOLED screen technology in this new model, with excellent results. Unlike AMOLED, which comprises of two screens, one for the display and one to register touch, this new technology cleverly merges both screens into one single sheet. The result is a screen that is not only wafer thin, but also one that responds terrifically in sunlight, an area where many other mobile handsets falter. Thanks to this, and some very clever design, the manufacturers have managed to release this phone with an overall depth of just 9.9mm. The phones other measurements are fairly standard for a phone of this specification at 122.4 x 64.2, which may seem large but bear in mind that the screen boasts a massive 4″ diagonal measurement. Another area where the display really excels is with media playback. The built in accelerometer chip quickly detects when the phone is on its side and adjusts accordingly, giving a superb quality widescreen image thanks to the excellent 480 x 800 resolution.

One area where the Samsung Galaxy S excels is with regards to the media facilities that it offers. Photographer will appreciate the impressive still camera facility. Despite being a fairly average 5 million pixel rating, the camera does benefit from a host of features that might otherwise be associated with a dedicated still camera. The phone offers manual white balance adjustment as well as a pre defined set of scene modes, allowing you to optimise the photograph depending on the type of photo you are taking such as landscape, portrait or sports. The phone also geo tags snaps, placing a geographical position on each photo thanks to the handsets built in GPS. The handset is capable of recording video footage which is in a very high quality 720P resolution. This is the minimum standard that is required to be classified as high definition. The footage is also recorded at an impressive frame rate of 30 per second, with the result being super sharp footage with great quality sound. The Galaxy S also supports video calling, thus a VGA quality front facing camera is installed on the front of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy S certainly seems a worthy contender to the iPhone crown. A superb screen combines with great looks and excellent specification and the result is a smartphone that will please the majority of users.

The Samsung Galaxy S and the Acer NeoTOuch P300 are available now.

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A Look around the New Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung have released a top quality smartphone in the shape of the new Galaxy S. The handsets has a screen that not only benefits from cutting edge technology, but also its impressive size.

At a glance, it is easy to draw comparisons between the new Samsung Galaxy S and Apples iPhone. The simple layout of the handset see the excellent 4″ screen take up the majority of the front, with just one single home button located beneath it. Overall the weight of the phone is just 119 grammes which is relatively lightweight for a phone of this specification. The weight is kept to a minimum thanks to the handset being made almost entirely of plastic, which does make the phone feel a little cheaper than some comparable models. The screen technology used to achieve crystal clear images and text is named Super AMOLED. Unlike AMOLED screens which comprise of a layer for the display and a second layer on top of which acts as the touch sensitive interface, this new screen combines these two individual sheets into one, dramatically reducing thickness whilst also improving the screens viewing credentials in natural daylight. The 480 x 800 resolution does a great job of reproducing superb detail, meaning the phone not only handles web browsing easily, but the screen excels when it comes to viewing your multimedia files. Auto rotate functionality is present thanks to an accelerometer chip. The overall dimensions of the phone are 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9mm, fairly standard dimensions with the exception of the depth which is slimmer than what we are used to thanks to the previously mentioned screen technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S is not only fast, it is a super quick phone. Whatever function you choose to perform, be it accessing the web, loading a game or shooting video, loads almost instantly. The phones processor, which is an ARM A8 Cortex chip, is an impressive 1Ghz affair, which seems tailor made to handle everything you need to do on the phone. Internet browsing is particularly pleasing, and the excellent connectivity that is offered can be thanked for this. WiFi is supported in class B, G and N, with the latter offering the fastest experience when connected to a compatible router. You need not suffer a serious loss in performance whilst on the move thanks to the phones 3G capabilities. When connected to this network, the handsets HSUPA compatibility ensures a pleasing online experience. A micro SD card slot is present on the phone, accepting additional memory cards up to 32GB, this is alongside the 8GB that is already present on the phone. Samsung have impressed us with the latest handsets, which is certainly up there with the best smartphones currently available. The excellent Android OS impresses as always, along with the screen and the general speed that the phone offers.

The Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung C3300 White are available now.

This Author writes about a range of mobile phones.

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Samsung Galaxy tab contract- beyond imagination

If you want something which is really enthralling and class apart then Samsung Galaxy tab contract is the right choice. From the Leading Brand of Samsung Co. the spectacular Galaxy tabs. Samsung has invested a lot in the soon to be released Galaxy tab. After much waiting the time is near when the Samsung Galaxy tab would be released in the market. Already the Samsung Galaxy tab contracts are being offered at really cheap prices and with great incentives. Great offers are made by the network providers in the U.K .These networks are 3, O2, Orange, Vodafone, virgin etc. The networks are giving really fascinating offers for the contracts on the Galaxy tab.

The networks are providing free gifts along with the galaxy tab contract. The free gifts may be Laptops, Gaming device, etc. Some are even offering cheap buy price, some even giving the device free. The only thing the customer will have to do is get a contract with any of the network providers for 1 year to 2 year. The Galaxy tab is speculated to give a tough competition to the iPad launched by the Apple Co. These contracts can be viewed and checked out online as lots of websites are providing the purchase of the Galaxy tab online.

The Samsung GALAXY Tab contract has latest technology Mobile Phones. A computer like features capacitating users with an experience they have never had before. The 7-inch display for every user is amazing with touchscreen provision. The Samsung Galaxy tab contract has applications such as the ‘Readers Hub’, which provides digital library, ‘Media Hub’ for movies and other media and ‘Music hub’ for listening to music. It has 3G HSPA connectivity, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® 3.0 for Video conferencing. The 7-inch display makes image viewing a really great experience.

There are so many other features in the Galaxy tab which make it really a gadget which one needs in their hands. The Galaxy tab is really making its mark in the market what you can do is book your own galaxy tab before it’s launched. The Deals are really great and the Contracts are easily available online. Just select and click what you desire.

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Leukaspis, Ancient City of Egypt Soon to be Opened

Leukaspis, Egypt’s 2,000-year-old Greco-Roman port city, is soon to be opened on mid-September 2010. At present, Leukaspis has still been buried under the northern modern resort of Marina, on the white beaches of the Mediterranean coast. Leukaspis, also known as Antiphrae, was hidden for centuries after it had been extinguished due to a tsunami devastating the region in the fourth century. The ancient city of Egypt has now been scheduled to be opened with its two-story villas and zigzagg streets after its nearly 25-year discovery. Let\’s take a tour around Leukaspis to discover what is the most interesting about the 2,000-year-old city of Egypt.


Leukaspis, a well-known Greco-Roman port is famous for the restored Roman pillar tombs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea at the costal resorts of Marina, Egypt.


2,000 years ago, Leukaspis was a prosperous Greco-Roman port city of Egypt, well-known for villas of 15,000 merchants, wheat and olive trade


The city Leukaspis buried under the modern resort of Marina made this coast become Egypt\’s elite for summer vacations


After 25-years discovery, Egyptian Government is planning to open Leukaspis\’ tombs, villas and city streets attracting tourists


Besides, the remains of a basilica, a bathhouse buried under the city\’s necropolis and two-meter high Greek limestone walls were found by archaeologists


Ancient fragments of pottery are now still buried under the ground, and bones still lie in Roman pillar tombs


In the 4th century, 365 A.D, Leukaspis was destroyed by a massive earthquake near Crete. and a tsunami nearby Alexandria


The ancient tombs and houses of Leukaspis were found as Chinese engineers were constructing roads for the Marina resort in 1986


Opening Leukaspis soon helps visitors understand how people lived at that time, how they built their graves, etc



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