A Look at Acer Laptop Computers

In this article I do discuss the Acer mini laptop computers; their advantages and additional features as well as evolution from the earlier brands. Acer laptop computers are usually great for business as well as college – Cyndi Allison Netbooks are growing very fast in computer sales, and Acer does score big with their cute, mini laptop computers which are low-priced.


Netbooks are very new computers on the market. According to the facts from the manufactures, they have been around for only three years on the market and approximately twenty percent of the laptop market share. Acer has enjoyed phenomenal success with low-priced, mini computers which have performed consistently well.

At first glance mini laptops, netbooks, or sub laptop computers look like toy computers that are designed for children; however, the Acer laptop computers are high tech machines for big people and are especially very popular with the college students and business professionals. Their compact size makes them easy to tuck in briefcases, purses, as well as backpacks. This is the main reason why women do love netbooks. Women do make up over sixty percent of purchases. Acer laptop computers are very popular because they do offer a convenient way to complete basic computer tasks for example word processing and internet browsing without lugging bulky laptop along. Since mini Acer laptop laptops are scaled down, the battery life now runs in the six to eight hour range which depends on the tasks that it is performing. The heavier the processes being run, the shorter the battery will take and if the task is of low processing, the battery will take long.


Netbooks are designed for less complex computer applications, so a netbook would not be a good selection for users working on computer based games or web page designs. In fact, netbooks do not usually include CD or DVD drives; however, they do have USB port attached portable drives which can be connected as needed.

Acer Aspire netbooks have been the most popular of the mini Acer laptop computers because of cost. They are very affordable and this makes it possible for them to be accessed by quite a good range of people.In terms of quality and performance, Acer computers are one of the best. Acer checks in on par with other brands that are more pricy. The most pronounced upgrade offered by some other companies would be Bluetooth; that is not on older Acer models. However, the new Ferrari Acer laptop computer models will offer that option.

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Iphone Application Development

iPhone apps development is a most recent technological device that has strike the marketplace to meet the thirst of the consumers for the latest gadgets. iPhone application development has grown steadily and not showing any sign of decline graph in the future. With the popularity and compactness of iPhones among the users, of iPhone Application Development and Outsourcing of iPhone app development is evolving with a lightning fast speed. Different web & software development companies that develop web and software applications for iPhones outsource their expertise to other companies for succeeding in Enterprise Application development. The software development companies involved in the business of iPhone Application Development provides a variety of services that help you to enhance the functions and performance of the iPhones. Most of the time, entrepreneurs find ideas for iPhone apps development without any knowledge of how to create the gateway into that the development of application, now the outsourcing has solved this problem by entering into the iPhone and iPad development. iPhone application development is a specialized wing of the software development domain. An iPhone application development company therefore may be any software development firm that handles software based solutions of different types. Outsourcing is much cheaper to develop applications by hiring the software development companies such as the virtual labs. You can save time by hiring key outsourcing for iPhone development from different nations. For example, if your developer is in India, so he will work while you sleep, enabling you to communicate with the changes and be ready to him when he begins work in the morning.

Outsourcing can be a very rewarding experience when you find the right developer, so it is important to take the time to choose a developer you may feel you build your application to your expectations. On the other hand if the development is done by outsourcing from the developing countries like India. This would become easier and economically cheaper. It may seem a support to the developers in India, but as a matter of fact the Indian developers are much faster to deliver the quality work in cheaper prices. The specialty of the Indian iPhone apps development companies lies in the hands of the highly expert professional developers for whom giving quality services has always been the top priority. That’s the reason why the India iPhone developers have been able to win admiration in a global perspective now. These developers are passed out from the top IT institutes and they feature years of experience in them.

Mindfire Solutions is one of the top iPhone and iPad application development company in India. We have completed 11 glorious years of Software development and IT consulting. Our iPhone app Development India team has years of experience in developing iPhone applications and iPhone projects in various industry domains. The services offered by us are:

iPhone custom application development services
iPhone custom software development services
iPhone widget development services
iPhone web application development services
iPhone porting and migration (including conversion for iPhone 3.0 compatibility)
iPhone software QA and testing services
iPhone software support and maintenance

If you would like to outsource iPhone software development, please Contact Us to work out the specific details for your iPhone apps Development requirements or call us at 1-248-686-1424. We will be glad to share our expertise with you.

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3g mobile phones in India

Many companies have been releasing 3g Mobile Phones in India. The latest Micromax 3g mobile to come to India is known as the Micromax Modu which is very compact touchscreen mobile phone with only a small 2.2-inch display with a full-touchscreen. It is one of the lightest 3G chinese mobile phones in India. The new Micromax Modu comes with a powerful 5 mega-pixel camera, along with a GPS, and uses high speed 3G HSDPA connectivity which operates at a speed of 3.2Mbps.

It also comes with support for quick access to social networking websites and Instant Messengers using the new Qualcomm’s BREW operating system. Some of the other key features of the new Micromax Modu include two different jackets. When the phone is connected to them, they add new features to the phone.

The “camerafy” jacket transforms the phone into a camera with a 5 megapixel resolution and has a LED flash. And the “sportfy” Jacket turns this phone mobile into a sport companion by giving it a sporty look and also an exercise companion. With which you can Listen to your favorite songs, and get training information during and after the workout and also track your route and performance online.micromax has been launching some really innovative Mobile phones in India .

The specifications of this phone include a 2.2-inch Display screen which is completely Touchscreen. It has an Internal memory of 2GB which can be expanded to up to 32GB using a micro SD card. It has a 5 mega-pixel camera with an LED flash using the camerafy jacket. It also comes integrated with an FM Radio and a GPS unit..

cone can watch Youtube videos and do Google search using widgets. And it comes pre installed with a few Social networking softwares that include Facebook , Twitter , Snaptu , Flickr , TuneWiki , and ebuddy.www.thinkdigit.com.


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Choosing The Best Iphone Cover

Right from its first release in 2007 to the fourth generation improved models of today, the Apple iPhone brand has a certain status quo associated with it. With an eye-catching 3.5 inch display screen, vibrant features and versatility, this phone has always set up benchmarks for other mobile phone brands to follow. Apart from the phone itself, iPhone accessories have enjoyed heavy demand, the most popular being iPhone covers.

When you choose an iPhone cover, you should not only base your decision on the lines of how trendy and happening your phone would look, but also how solidly it would protect your phone. Let us go through some of the best iPhone covers that you can go for:

1.Aircraft Aluminum Metal Case: This includes a top quality aluminum shell and a neoprene interior; available in blue, green, magenta, silver and the good old black. This one definitely enhances the look of your iPhone.

2.Griffin Elan: One of the highly protective iPhone covers with a trendy leather back, it can make your phone look professional as well as cute, at the same time.

3.Speck TechStyle: Made of fine quality leather and checkered interior, this amazing iPhone cover includes a swivel belt clip.

4.Speck Black Gel Skin: This one does not have the clip that you find in the Speck TechStyle, which is good in a way, especially if you are in an area that is a pickpockets paradise. As far as this iPhone cover is concerned, it offers very good protection, albeit a tad clunky.

5.Idox Traveler: This is a stylish iPhone cover that doubles as a stand for your phone, especially when you keep the cover open. When you close it, it totally covers the phone. A good looking cover, the pink model is quite popular with the ladies, while the guys go for blue and black.

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Samsung Galaxy Gio

Samsung Galaxy Gio is another mid range smartphone produced by Samsung. The model number is S5660. It is expected to stamp its feet in the market in April this year so the users still have to wait a little while to get their hands on it. The exact or expected Samsung Galaxy Gio Price in India is yet to be revealed.To shed some light on the Samsung Galaxy Gio features, the first thing that pops up is the OS. The platform is Android while the android 2.2 Froyo version is used. The processor is 800MHzsupported by MSM7227-1Turbo that is expected to meet the day-to-day necessities of the general users. With a TFT touchscreen (capacitive), autofocus camera, Bluetooth and Swype text input it is guaranteed to give a Pleasant experience to its user. Also there will be accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, proximity sensor and compass that add versatility to its name. To get additional apps, one can always download them from the android store. To help to not to get confused when going out, theres built in GPS system in the phone.

Now lets talk about the Samsung Galaxy Gio specifications. Its 110.5mm long, 57.5 mm wide and 12.2mm thick. Screen size is 3.2 inches with a resolution of 320 by 480 that is enough to give the users an experience thats second to very few. With about 16 million colors, it comes up with a phonebook and call records that is virtually unlimited. 3 megapixel autofocus camera equipped video recording, digital zooming, geo-tagging and multi-touch zoom is there to fill your daily needs. With an internal memory of 158MB, it can support up to a whooping 16GB in its external memory slot. Its not lagging behind in terms of entertainment either. With stereo speakers, the music player will support MP3, WAV, eAAC+ formats. Stereo RDS FM radio is also there along with a HTML browser. The battery is Li-lon 1350 mAh. It also supports java, SMS, MMs, E-mail, video streaming, document viewer and document editor.The phone is given a HVGA touchscreen and GPS with A-GPS. With a social hub, instant messaging with Google talk, this phone is certainly one of the most perfect phones Samsung has ever produced. Samsung electronics is the worlds biggest electronics conglomerate with about a astonishing $ 117.4 billion. Its actually a sister concern of the Samsung group and has its headquarter in Seoul, South Korea.

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